Honey-Can-Do Hamper. Dual Compartment Light/Dark Hamper HMP-01403
$21.49 - $43.99

A decorative laundry solution for bedrooms and baths, this hamper looks as good as it is functional. Clearly marked ""Lights"" and ""Darks"" compartments make sorting laundry a breeze. Full-sized compartments can hold in extra-large loads of laundry with the mesh drawstring top. Sturdy metal frame is removable for storing the hamper flat when not in use. Laminated interior is easy to clean and keeps mildew from forming on the exterior fabric. Keep clothes off of the floor and your space neat and clean with this great-looking hamper Modular steel frame, sturdy and moisture resistant Heavy polyester fabric, durable and easy to clean Mesh tops with draw strings, allows laundry to breath Durable construction Easy assmbly required. Materials: Steel Frame and Canvas Dimensions: 25 ""L x 21.5 ""W x 12.5 ""H.


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