Bulgari Jasmin Noir 3.4oz Women's Perfume
$44.49 - $53.99

Make your guy want to savor you every time you spray the Jasmin Noir perfume. A perfect perfume for evenings or night-outs, this Bvlgari women's perfume brings out the sensuous girl in you. The gardenia, green sap and satin almond notes in this Bvlgari fragrance adds an aura of clean freshness around you; whereas the tonka bean absolute, precious woods, and sambac jasmine absolute in the Jasmin Noir perfume add a seductive undertone to you. With licorice notes, this Bvlgari women's perfume smells real sweet. So wear this Bvlgari fragrance and make the most of your evening dates.



Size 3.4 oz
Gender Women
Aromas Licorice
Fragrance Type Perfume
UPC 783320822711
Fragrance Name Jasmin Noir
Brand Bulgari
About The Brand Bulgari is an Italian luxury goods and jewelry company founded in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. The original focus of the company is manufacturing impressive jewelry and Bulgari became worldwide famous with it. Today the brand is recognizable and diversified by offering various product lines such as watches, accessories, hotels and fragrances. The first Bulgari’s perfume was created in 1992 and was followed by series of very successful and luxury scents and aromas, which are an expression of the brand’s refinement and elegance.

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