Euro Woodland Camo Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants - Molecule Men's Small

Whether you're on a trip to Latin America’s untamed jungles or backpacking in Asia, these comfy Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants should be in your top list of Essentials to Pack. With dual front, side-cargo and back pockets, they will help keep your valuables safe while traveling, as well as keeping the style police at bay. These are one of our most popular cargo pants, perhaps due to all the various features that combine to make one kick-ass pair of pants – strong cotton canvas construction, pop-pockets where it matters (keep your valuables safer), extra-reinforcing on the cargo-pops (they wont rip out under pressure), and 2 Molecule logo patches, one on the right cargo pocket flap, one on a tab that pokes out of the waistband. The zips are the solid, long-lasting plastic variety, the internal waist strings will custom-fit these to your fine self, and the leg-bottom pops will help tuck in the pants when it gets cold, hold em up when it gets wet, and just generally help in the all-out coolness of the Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants. This is the Small size model of the Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants - Molecule Men's, in Euro Woodland Camo color.


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