White Oven-to-Table 5-Piece Baker Set

Our ultra-durable stoneware bakers sets are as versatile, and as easy to clean, as our favorite cookware. They boast a beautiful, handcrafted feel that makes them ideal for cooking and serving special-occasion mealsor for making your everyday dinners feel extraordinary. This set, which is available in two classic colors, includes everything you need to suit almost any recipe. Serve up a comforting casserole, bubbling lasagna, oven-roasted veggies, fruit cobblers, pie and morethe possibilities are endless. Our stoneware bakers are perfect for oven or microwave cooking, then serving at the table, and finally storing in the fridge or freezer. Both shock resistant and durable, these long-lasting pieces are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.Set includes a covered casserole, a pie dish, an oval au gratin dish and a rectangular baker.


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White Oven-to-Table 5-Piece Baker Set new in stock $59.99 See Merchant Sur La Table

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